This is how Fyndiq reduced their Customer Service expenses by roughly 10%

How has Fyndiq evolved its customer experience, what challenges were Fyndiq facing prior Reclaimit and how did integrating Reclaimit change their ways of working? Let’s deep dive in this success saga! 

Fyndiq has been with us since September 2020 and much has happened since. Fyndiq’s Head of Customer Relations Christopher Rehn, shares how he evaluates the success of their experience with Reclaimit.

“During 2020, Fyndiq moved from a rudimentary automation setup where, depending on the cost of an item, our customers were refunded without returning an item. This flow was wholly unfair to our merchants whilst at the same time providing an impersonal customer experience, albeit at a low cost.

With Reclaimit, we have been able to “outsource” our ticket handling to the sellers on our platform, providing our customers with fair product-tailored solutions and our sellers with the fairness and flexibility to handle product returns as desired”


1. Reducing cost and not affecting customer satisfaction.


Moving to Reclaimit has enabled us at Fyndiq to reduce our CR costs by roughly 10%. At the same time, we have seen no drop in customer satisfaction. This was achieved because we were able to move a lot of interactions from our own customer service staff to the sellers on our platform.


2. 92% customer satisfaction in returns after choosing Reclaimit return flows.


One area in particular has seen an increase in customer satisfaction, and a rather significant one at that. Before moving to Reclaimit, our return flows led to a happy customer in roughly 75% of our cases. Since moving to Reclaimit, more than 9 out of 10 customers leave a satisfied rating at the end of their interaction with us. A reason given by our customers is the ability to see beforehand the cost of a return slip, the low price point we are able to offer for that return slip, and the ability to track the item on its way back to the seller.


3. Customers are in fact more likely to make a second purchase.


By providing a reliable and easy-to-use customer experience, we see that customers are in fact more likely to make a second purchase with Fyndiq if their first purchase caused them to contact our Customer Service team. This number is testament to the experience we are able to give our customers when something indeed goes wrong with their purchase.


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