Your new return portal


Greet your customers with a branded return portal and extend the customer journey. Automate your returns, claims and refunds.

With email and order number, customers can start their return by selecting one or more items eligible for return. You can brand the iFrame as you wish and your customers will never know they left your site.

Your return portal can be as flexible as you wish and you decide your own return policy. 

It’s not just thank you and goodbye.


Just because a customer wants to return something, doesn’t always end up with a goodbye and give me my money back. Many customers just want it smooth enough to make a new purchase.
Get to know them. Help them before they say goodbye. Extend the customer journey and excel at aftersales!


Start personalizing the customer experience.


You can connect your CRM system that provide your customer data to Reclaimit, together you get your different customer types.

You can set rules for your customer types in Reclaimit. Is it a premium customer who shops often and rarely makes returns? Auto-approve. Is it the other way around instead, a customer who buys and makes too many returns? Set the customer to state the reason for return and attach a picture.

The possibilities are endless. Would you like to use your customer data to customise their aftermarket experience? Email us at and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Reject refunds automatically

What products can you not sell back? What items do you want back? Opened packages, worn clothes, washed sheets? Do you want to charge extra?

Automate rules and decide if the customer needs to provide more information before you receive the return or complaint. In our Back Office, you can easily add these questions to the return flow.

Hard to find a printer?


In just a few steps, your customer has a return label in their hands. Free up more time for your customer support. No more back and forth over email, chat, or phone. We connect your carriers and shipping rates cards so that a label can be generated without involving your support team.
We have now made it even smoother for all PostNord users (currently Sweden and Denmark. Norway and Finland coming soon). We swapped the label for a generated QR code. Customers can now simply show the QR code to the agent and they print the label. No printer is needed!  



Back Office 


We make it flexible for both you and your sellers​. With Reclaimit you can develop unique set of rules for different sellers or global SLA’s.
Your sellers have access to and create errands based on your rules. ​ Seamlessly apply all of them through your returns portal. Our Back Office is loved by our customers and users. It has an easy UX and logical navigation​. Use it as your right hand when you show, manage and approve tickets. Oh, and all actions that are running in back office can be replicated in integrated systems such as Freshdesk, Zendesk and Kundo. With the right return label to the right recipient, everything can be handled by the system. Easy peasy lemon squeeze.

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