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Elevate your e-commerce business

Address dissatisfaction and revenue loss from returns by enhancing customer loyalty through streamlined post-purchase processes that drive revenue.

Meet and exceed your goals

Are you an e-commerce manager driven by results and business value? Let’s present hassle-free returns, exchanges, and claims, making the post-purchase process a revenue driver that boosts customer loyalty rather than being seen as a cost centre.

Retain 30% more revenue

Use seamless automation to boost profits, by transforming returns into revenue with retention strategies using vouchers and exchanges. 

Actionable profitability insights

Minimise return rates with actionable consumer and product-level insights to update product descriptions and make smarter decisions. 

Optimise inventory

Efficiently prioritise end-of-season products, ensuring timely delivery to customers, avoiding extended storage periods, and maximising sales opportunities.


Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans

Elevate customer satisfaction with a branded return portal for your website. Streamline self-service registration for returns, exchanges, and claims, freeing your customers from the hassle of contacting support and saving valuable time for your customer support team.

  • Branded digital return portal with self-service registration 
  • Flexible omnichannel returns 
  • Tracking and real-time updates to consumers 
  • Quick refunds and exchanges

Enjoy benefits such as

Customer retention

Provide an exceptional post-purchase experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Sustainable printerless returns/QR codes

Enhance tracking efficiency and minimise paper waste with QR code-generated shipping labels.

Exchanges & vouchers

Re-convert up to 30% of returns into exchanges.

Omnichannel returns

Make returns equally convenient online, in-store, or through marketplaces.

Customer segmentation

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM to customise rules in Reclaimit for each customer type.

Consumers want flexible return options

According to Reclaimit’s State of Returns report, 56% of consumers prefer flexible return options.

Enhance reverse logistics with our TA platform and vast carrier network for flexible omnichannel returns. Utilise our growing WMS and freight integrations network, which is applicable worldwide. 

Experience hassle-free returns across all channels – online, in-store, and on various marketplaces.

Effortless returns with a vast carrier network for customer convenience:

  • Home pickup
  • Box
  • Postal agency

Fyndiq’s cost-effective customer experience

With Reclaimit, Fyndiq is boosting satisfaction, streamlining returns, and driving repeat purchases.

  • Net promoter score (NPS): +32%
  • Customer satisfaction: +17%
  • Customer service costs: -15%
  • Likelihood to purchase again: +30%