In the end, automated processes and simplified handling result in more satisfied customers.


Regardless of whether you conduct sales in Sweden, the rest of the Nordics or worldwide, we take care of your returns from customers, suppliers and retailers. And returns from different countries can, for example, be sent to one and the same return center where they are consolidated and sent out to you. We always make sure that you get good data on return causes and that you have full control over where your warehouse is. In the end, automated processes and simplified handling result in more satisfied customers.

How it works

Via our iframe solution, your customers can easily register their returns and at the same time, you receive all relevant information in real time. You avoid costly customer management and hassle with consignment notes and create a better user experience as well as greater scope to drive customer loyalty.

If you have a complex retail solution involving several parties including stores, suppliers, e-commerce and perhaps service facilities, we can build a comprehensive system solution based on our standard system.

We have full support for the omnichannel and you can receive returns online, in-store and as a freight forwarder. Always with a high degree of automation and full traceability for all parties.


Automated return process

?    Reclaimit is readily integrated via an API in your ERP system, your e-commerce platform or your storage system. We automatically collect your customers’ purchase data and they can easily see which product needs to be returned or exchanged.

?    The system keeps track of all terms and conditions that relate to a customer’s specific purchase and stops the process if the return or guarantee period has expired. You can easily create your own terms and conditions in our administration interface.

?    When your customer has registered a return, a consignment note is created according to pre-chosen shipping options. We can then send automatic status updates to the customer via SMS or email. If you prefer, your customers can buy the return shipping.

?    As soon as the item is delivered to delivery service or post office, you see in the system that the item is on its way, allowing you to approve or reject the request or contact the customer if you need to.

?    When the item arrives at the warehouse, the case is terminated, all systems are automatically updated and the consumer is refunded.


Key benefits with automated returns:

  • You can easily change the status, approve and close the case when it is finished.
  • You can search for several parameters and always have full control over each case.
  • You get full control of your returns.



We thought so! Ready to see it for yourself?

Here are some benefits you get with Reclaimit

The most loyal customers

We ensure that the returns process feels as straightforward as the purchasing experience. This increases the likelihood customers will come back to you. Again and again.

Complete control

With Reclaimit, you get complete control of returns and claims processes. Either directly via our back-office interface or integrate with your returns management system.

Cut cost and save time

As a merchant, when you automate your processing of returns and claims, you cut your costs by up to 80 percent.

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