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Tired of return-hassle?

Retain revenue from day one by offering customers easy registration of returns, exchanges, and claims with automated returns management.


Running a retail business is complex - but returns don´t have to be!

No matter how great the consumer’s buying experience is, it quickly turns bad when a product needs to be returned. This process is also costly and resource-heavy for the retailer.

With Reclaimit, you can bid farewell to time-consuming manual return management and save time and money with automated and simplified processes. Join us in creating better post-purchase experiences and minimising return rates to make commerce more sustainable and profitable in the future.


Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans


Happier customers

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with a branded return portal for your website. Streamline self-service registration for returns, exchanges and claims with real-time notifications and quick refunds, freeing your customers from the hassle of contacting support.


Hassle-free exchanges

Retain up to 30% of revenue by implementing retention strategies, including vouchers and exchanges.


Minimise claims

Save time and minimise claims through automation and proactive claims management with recommended solutions based on previous claim reasons.


Flexible and sustainable returns

Offer your customer flexible and sustainable returns in all channels - just as easy online, in-store, and on various marketplaces. Monitor the status of each product across the entire return life cycle, from shipping and warehouse processing to restocking.

Enhance tracking efficiency and reduce paper waste with QR codes, reducing the hassle of finding a printer!


Build trust in the return process

Keep your customers in the loop with case tracking and branded real-time consumer updates to boost customer loyalty. 


Experience benefits such as 

A flexible and customized solution

Customise the entire post-purchase process according to your preferences with rule-based workflows.

Save time and money

Eliminate 90% of the previous manual workload from customer support with cost-cutting automation.

Make smarter decisions

Gain data-driven return insights on customer and product levels to make informed decisions to elevate your business.

Total overview and control

Automate manual work, streamline return handling, minimize the number of customer service calls, improve lead times, and let your customer support team focus on more value-creating activities.

  • Pre-built integrations with your existing partners.
  • Track the status of each product throughout the entire return process.
  • Segment customer data from your CRM to tailor marketing campaigns.
CRM integrations
The cooperation with Reclaimit to implement a digital solution for post-purchase processes has worked very well. As we build long-term relationships with partners that we believe in, the choice of Reclaimit has been confirmed many times.
Reclaimit has exceeded our expectations from the very first moment. The onboarding process was straightforward and well-structured and created an immediate sense of trust. The solution-oriented approach that permeated every step of the process made us feel well taken care of from day one.
Our customer service is thrilled to have new tools that enable us to assist our customers faster and more efficiently. Gone are the days of long response times and intermediaries. We can now handle cases more efficiently, allowing our customer service team to focus on delivering a truly world-class service.
Our internal KPIs have improved regarding the time to process a return in the warehouse and the overall workload for our customer service. A significant portion of all returns is handled automatically by the customer, after a return expert approves the returned product.