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Boost profits with seamless automation

Enhance efficiency, cut operational costs, and retain revenue in the return process through automated workflows. 


How returns affect your profitability 

According to our Novus report 'State of Returns & Circular Shopping 2024', 3 out of 4 consumers abandon a retailer after dissatisfaction with their latest return. This means that just one mistake in the return process can result in losing a customer forever.

Three of of four

Increased efficiency for CS teams 

Save time and money by eliminating 90% of previous manual customer support tasks with cost-saving automation. With a user-friendly tool, you can customize the entire post-purchase process to your needs using rule-based workflows.

  • Seamless system integrations
  • Case tracking and real-time notifications
  • Multi-shipment and warehouse routing rules
  • Pre-filled commercial invoice
  • Automated refunds

Minimized lead times in the logistic flow

With the help of real-time data, optimize logistics management for better oversight and complete control over transport and return flow. Track the status of every product throughout the entire return process, from shipping to warehousing and restocking.

  • Complete oversight of transport and return flow
  • Minimized lead times
  • Operational real-time data

Increased sales

You can effectively prioritize end-of-season products to ensure fast customer delivery, avoid long storage times, and maximize sales opportunities.

  • Prioritize end-of-season products
  • Return items to the shelf faster
  • Maximize sales opportunities

Boost re-conversions

Retain up to 30% of revenue through seamless reconversion strategies.

  • Quick and easy exchanges
  • Vouchers for future purchases

Make smarter decisions

With data-driven insights, you better understand how the post-purchase customer journey impacts the bottom line and what improvements can be made to reduce "unnecessary returns" and maximize business growth.

  • Return data at the customer and product level
  • Warranty data for enhanced product strategy
  • Efficient supplier regression management

Make life easier for Tech teams 

Empower your tech capabilities with streamlined workflows, robust data security, quick onboarding, and pre-built integrations, eliminating unnecessary additional systems. With in-house development and support, we guarantee swift customer service access.

  • Quick and easy onboarding with pre-built integrations 
  • Reclaimit API
  • In-house support included 

85% efficiency improvement and enhanced customer loyalty 

With Reclaimit, Cervera achieves an 85% efficiency boost and elevates customer satisfaction through expedited case handling, resulting in a perception of heightened professionalism by customers.

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