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Eliminate manual processes for supplier claims

Gain unparalleled control over your claims and eliminate unnecessary write-downs.

Efficient supplier claim resolution management


Quick and easy registration

In the supplier module of Reclaimit Recourse, as an e-commerce retailer, you can quickly and easily submit a case against your suppliers for products not eligible for warranty repairs.

Suppliers can efficiently process, approve, request additional information, or reject cases.


600+ connected suppliers

Over 600 suppliers operate directly in Reclaimit Recourse or via integrations, such as Xpos or their proprietary systems.



Total control and transparency

Maintain complete control over the warranty process, even for low-cost products, ensuring financial stability and accountability.

Stay informed with automatic email notifications triggered by status changes and reminders.



Smoother operations

Suppliers and retailers enjoy an improved experience through unified case management, monitoring and managing ongoing and historical cases, fostering collaboration and smoother operations.



Improved product strategy

Enhance your product strategy by leveraging data-driven insights, enabling informed decision-making and market adaptability.



Experience benefits such as

Cost-cutting automation

Save time and money on previous manual tasks.

Extensive supplier engagement

Over 600 suppliers operate directly in Reclaimit Recourse.

Make smarter decisions

Supplier claim data insights and reporting regardless of the case’s initiation point.