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Helping retailers enable sustainable growth

We are here to transform commerce towards a sustainable and profitable future with a mission of enabling sustainable growth through circular commerce.

Transforming returns into revenue

Reclaimit is a rapidly growing SaaS company with a market-leading return and warranty management position in the Nordic region.

We empower over 600 industry-leading retailers and suppliers with a unique all-in-one post-purchase customer experience platform, elevating the customer journey at scale.

By transforming challenges into opportunities, we help retailers maximise profits, increase customer loyalty, and minimise carbon footprint through circular shopping and sustainable returns.

We go the extra mile to understand your unique needs, delivering solutions that guarantee success in a competitive market.

Transforming returns into revenue - Sustainable growht

Running a retail business is complex, but returns don’t have to be! 

No matter how great the consumer’s buying experience is, it quickly turns bad when a product needs to be returned. This process is also costly and resource-heavy for the retailer.

We provide efficient and flexible return and warranty management, simplifying the return process and making work more data-driven.

With a unique all-in-one platform, you get a tailored and flexible solution to handling returns, exchanges, and claims on all your markets and channels. 

We create better customer experiences throughout the entire purchase journey to make commerce more sustainable and profitable in the future.


We take care of the customer journey after a purchase

Elevate your commerce business and boost customer loyalty with a seamless post-purchase experience that gives you valuable data-driven insights to maximise sustainable growth. 

Let Reclaimit take care of your returns, exchanges, and claims with easy access to sustainable resell, reuse, and repairs. 

Our flexible and efficient all-in-one platform is tailored to brands of all sizes, ensuring you a perfect fit. Experience rapid return on investment (ROI) with quick and efficient onboarding through pre-built integrations with your existing partners.

  • Automated returns management
  • Seamless warranty and repair management 
  • Sustainable resell and reuse
  • Efficient end-to-end claims management

Nordic return and warranty management market leader

18M+ returns processed

Leveraging extensive experience, we help customers preserve revenue, ensure control and transparency via streamlined returns, and enhance post-purchase experiences.

600+ global customers

With an all-in-one post-purchase platform, we empower industry leaders like Power, Salling Group, By Malina, CDON and Röhnisch.

20+ years of experience

With 20+ years of experience, we optimise the post-purchase process with tailored solutions to meet our customers’ unique business needs.

All development and support in-house

In-house development and support ensure swift service access for our customers.

Our values

  • Sustainability
  • Customer-centric
  • Innovation


Values - Sustainability

At our core, we embrace the principles of sustainable circular commerce. We recognise that what we do today shapes tomorrow’s world. Committed to investing in the future of returns, we actively contribute to a circular economy where products are designed for longevity, waste is minimised, and products are continuously being repaired and reused. 


Values - customer centric

Our goal is always to provide excellent customer service, understand your unique needs, and deliver solutions that exceed your expectations. We prioritise customer satisfaction and success, and aim to help you achieve sustainable growth.


Values - Innovation

We constantly seek new and creative ways to enhance your post-purchase experience. We are flexible and open to change, staying at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies to always provide you with the best solution.

Values - Sustainability