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Reclaimit Reuse

Embrace circularity by transforming returns into resale opportunities

One unified solution for manufacturers, workshops, stores and other recycling partners.

Discover the power of reselling

Encourage sustainable shopping while building an eco-friendly marketplace and enhancing customer loyalty. We ensure the post-purchase process becomes a mutually beneficial scenario for retailers, consumers and the environment.

Embrace openness and clarity with unparalleled transparency – access a unified system solution, tracing the entire life cycle of products from creation to reuse.

Exploring reselling for a sustainable, transparent  and profitable commerce future.


Enjoy benefits such as

Unified system

One solution for manufacturers, workshops, stores  and other recycling partners.


Elevate your retail business with our post-purchase solution and explore reselling for a sustainable, transparent, and profitable commerce future.

Total traceability

Every product comes with full traceability, instilling confidence in consumers regarding the origins, processing, and journey of each item.

Promote sustainable circular commerce

Transition to circular shopping and sustainable returns, contributing to minimised environmental footprints.

Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans

Provide an exceptional post-purchase experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Total traceability commitment

In the coming years, the anticipated EU digital product passport will revolutionise product tracking throughout its life cycle, supporting traceability, repairs, and reuse.

This innovation, exemplified by our partnership with the Norwegian Consumer Electronics Trade Foundation, facilitates full circularity and traceability for white goods and screens in Norway, offering consumers transparency and assurance when buying and selling used goods.

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New circular business models

In 2021, our longstanding client, Power RePower, opened the first store dedicated to selling reused home electronic products based on Reclaimit’s solution.

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Reclaimit Reuse

Unified system solution for manufacturers, workshops, stores, and recycling partners​

Enable resell of warranty products​

Extended repair warranty management

Multi-language and currency


Seamless integrations with manufacturers, workshops, stores, and recycling partners​