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We make it easy to work circular

Automated claims management across retailers, customers, and 250+ connected authorized service workshops.
Values - Sustainability

Streamlined warranty and repair management


More efficient store operations

Streamline and simplify product claims for store staff, eliminate manual tasks like searching for handling procedures and provide smooth repair cost estimates. 


Boost customer loyalty

Allow your customers to easily file product claims with a branded digital portal that offers 24/7 self-service registration with just a few clicks. 

This frees your customers from the hassle of contacting support and boosts customer loyalty.

Reclaimit Repair electronics

Save time with workflow automation

Self-service registration and automated workflows save valuable time for your customer support team. Allow stores and customer service representatives to focus on more important activities than assisting with claims management.  




Reduce costs

Automation reduces your costs for store personnel and customer service departments.

New staff quickly adapt to our user-friendly system, ensuring efficient in-store complaint handling. 



Minimize errors

You can control your warranty and claims process by automating time-consuming manual processes and workflows. Automation minimizes the risk of human error and ensures accuracy in all transactions.

Our tailored solutions use rule-based automation for a personalised touch, offering real-time visibility into all cases and easy access to product handling information.


Experience benefits such as

Extend product lifespan

Use repairs, reselling, and efficient logistics to promote sustainability and a circular economy.

Make smarter decisions

Gain warranty data insights and reporting to enhance the product strategy.

Cost savings for consumers

Highlight potential savings with refurbished or used items, promoting affordability without compromising quality.

Effortless registration and error-free automation

Discover how Denmark's largest retailing group - Salling Group, overcame outdated systems to transform their post-purchase process into a seamless customer experience with Reclaimit Repair.

Get to know how they streamline repair registrations to reduce manual errors, seamlessly integrate Zendesk and elevate their customer service game.