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Reclaimit Repair
Reclaimit Repair

Go circular with hassle-free warranty claims and repairs  

Streamline manual processes, elevate the customer experience, and gain valuable insights to enhance the product strategy.

Extend product lifespan with quick access to repairs

At Reclaimit, we understand the importance of hassle-free after-sales service for retailers and consumers. Reclaimit Repair is our all-in-one solution to transform how you handle warranty claims and product repairs.

Automate manual tasks, streamline claims, minimise customer service calls, improve processing time, and enable customer support teams and store staff to concentrate on higher-value activities.

  • Automated claim handling between retailer, customer and workshops
  • Streamlined case handling (Omnichannel)
  • 250+ connected authorised service workshops
Reclaimit Repair electronics

Streamlined warranty and repair management

Customer-satisfaction in returns

Branded digital warranty registration portal

Empower consumers to effortlessly claim products with a few clicks using our branded digital warranty registration portal, featuring 24/7 self-service accessibility.


Customer-satisfaction in returns

Streamlined in-store operations

Our system simplifies product returns and claims management for store staff, eliminating complex manual tasks. 

New staff quickly adapt to our user-friendly system, ensuring efficient in-store complaint handling. 


Error reduction

Automation minimizes the risk of manual errors, guaranteeing transaction accuracy.



Time efficiency

Our system automates tasks, allowing stores and customer service time to focus on critical activities and expedite complaint handling.




Cost-cutting automation

Lower operational costs for stores and customer service departments result in substantial financial benefits. 




Enjoy benefits such as

Extend product lifespan

Use repairs efficient reverse logistics to promote sustainability and a circular economy.

Cost-cutting automation

Lower operational costs for stores and customer service departments result in substantial financial benefits.

Profit-driven insights

Gain warranty data insights and reporting to make informed decisions to elevate your business. 

Cost savings for consumers

Highlight potential savings with refurbished or used items, promoting affordability without compromising quality.

Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans

Craft a seamless post-purchase journey that transforms disappointing purchases into loyal, repeat customers.

An After Sales Manager's best friend

Revolutionise your customer and retail experience with our intuitive self-service portal, simplifying registration and case management for your customer service teams.


With centralised rule administration and flexible workflow automation, our tailored solution offers real-time visibility into all cases and easy access to product handling information.


Thanks to Reclaimit Repair, the registration process for customer repairs has been incredibly streamlined. With their suite of API tools, we’ve entered an era where vital information is effortlessly and accurately collected, significantly minimising the potential for manual errors. Automated claims handling simplifies registration for our team and creates a seamless learning experience for new members, thanks to the tool’s user-friendly interface.

The cooperation with Reclaimit to implement a digital solution for post-purchase processes has worked very well. As we build long-term relationships with partners that we believe in, the choice of Reclaimit has been confirmed many times.

Reclaimit’s commitment to rapid service and adept issue resolution, regardless of scale, truly enhances the value they bring to their customers!

Our customer service is thrilled to have new tools that enable us to assist our customers faster and more efficiently. Gone are the days of long response times and intermediaries. We can now handle cases more efficiently, allowing our customer service team to focus on delivering a truly world-class service.


Reclaimit Repair

Branded digital warranty registration portal

Automated claim handling between retailer, customer and workshops

Case tracking & and real-time notifications

Streamlined case handling (Omnichannel)

Centralised rule administration

Flexible workflow automation

Automated freight booking

Seamless repair cost proposal process for non-warranty repairs

Prevent unnecessary claims

Multi-language and currency

Warranty data insights and reporting


250+ connected authorised service workshops

Seamless system integrations