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Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans

Provide a post-purchase experience that keeps your customers coming back.


Returns affect your customer loyalty 

According to our Novus report 'State of Returns & Circular Shopping 2024,' 1 in 3 consumers report at some point being dissatisfied with a return experience. This dissatisfaction highly influences their likelihood of shopping with you again. While consumers may not choose a retailer based on the return policy, 3 out of 4 abandon a brand after dissatisfaction with their latest return experience.

Every third dissatisfaction with returns

Boost customer loyalty 

Increase customer loyalty with a branded digital return portal on your website where customers can easily register returns, exchanges, and claims effortlessly, freeing your customers from the hassle of contacting support.

  • Branded digital return portal 
  • Easy exchanges or vouchers 
  • Flexible returns in all channels

Build trust in the return process 

Keep your customers in the loop with case tracking and branded real-time consumer updates to boost customer loyalty. 

  • Branded emails
  • Real-time notifications
  • Quick refunds

Sustainable returns with QR codes

QR code-generated shipping labels improve tracking efficiency and reduce paper waste. Customers can also conveniently avoid the hassle of finding a printer.

  • Improve tracking efficiency
  • Printer free returns with QR codes
sustainable printerless QR codes

Seamless returns in all channels 

Thanks to our TA platform and extensive network of partners, you can offer customers sustainable returns in all channels – just as easily online, in-store, or through marketplaces.

  • Direct integration with carriers
  • Seamless freight bookings
  • Retrieve logistics statuses for shipments

Customise the return process

With pre-built integrations to your CRM, it’s easy to segment customer data and customise the journey for sustainability and profitability.

  • Create more effective campaigns
  • Offer different return policies to various customer types
  • Take action against 'serial returners'
CRM integrations

92% customer satisfaction for returns 

  • Net promoter score (NPS): +32%
  • Customer satisfaction: +17%
  • Re-conversions: +30%
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