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How Denmark's largest retailing group enhance their post-purchase process 



R-mark salling group

About Salling

Salling Group is Denmark's largest retailing group and serves 10 million customers every week. With grocery stores in three countries, as well as web shops, department stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and a nationwide meal box supplier, Salling Group interacts with the lives of millions of people every single day. Their choices make a difference for customers, colleagues, partners, suppliers, and the wider community. It is a great responsibility that Salling Group takes seriously every day by working to improve everyday life.


They are 100% owned by the Salling Foundations, and part of their profits return to society. Since 2012, the Salling Foundations have donated more than DKK 1.9 billion to education, culture, sports, social work, and other good causes.



Our utilization of an outdated system to oversee Repairs and Warranties had reached a point where a rejuvenation was in order. Despite its operational status, the solutions were on a platform Microsoft had marked for discontinuation. Recognizing the practicality of this situation, we concluded that transitioning to a modern system was the logical step forward.


Reclaimit Repair-1

At that point, we connected with Reclaimit, which specialises in providing complex retail solutions encompassing stores, suppliers, e-commerce, and service facilities. Their thoroughly tested, comprehensive solution incorporates a significant infusion of automation, ensuring complete traceability for all parties involved. Over our 2.5 years of collaboration with Reclaimit, our level of satisfaction with their Repair solution is exceptionally high.


"Thanks to Reclaimit Repair, the registration process for customer repairs has been incredibly streamlinedWith their suite of API tools, we've entered an era where vital information is effortlessly and accurately collected, significantly minimizing the potential for manual errors. Automated claims handling simplifies registration for our team and creates a seamless learning experience for new members, thanks to the tool's user-friendly interface." 


The feedback we've gathered from our stores highlights numerous advantages. For instance, the process of registering repairs for customers has become remarkably streamlined. In the past, we grappled with extensive drop-down menus featuring many options, which inherently raised the potential for manual slip-ups.


Thanks to the product Reclaimit Repair and their suite of API tools, we've ushered in a new era where all the necessary information is automatically and methodically obtained, significantly mitigating the risk of manual errors. Not only is the registration process smoother for our staff, but it's also a breeze for new team members to grasp due to the user-friendly nature of the tool.


To enhance the customer experience further, our stores and Customer Service teams have seamlessly integrated Zendesk with Reclaimit across all store locations and the Reclaimit Recourse system.


Why did you choose Reclaimit?

This system matches our complex retail infrastructure, including physical stores, suppliers, e-commerce, and service facilities. Reclaimit's solution is comprehensive and proven.


The standout feature is its robust automation, which significantly streamlines our operations, minimising errors and manual work. The new way of working boosts efficiency throughout our team. Additionally, the system ensures complete traceability for all parties involved. This transparency is vital for our accountability and trust-building efforts.

In short, Reclaimit's system perfectly matches our complex needs, offering a comprehensive, automated, and transparent solution. Its adaptability to our diverse retail landscape and its efficiency and transparency promise made it the ideal choice for us.

Future initiatives

Reclaimit Return-1

We are excited to share that we also just implemented Reclaimit Return for our E-commerce division. This decision was due to the existence of our complex return system, which could not be replaced entirely due to its integration complexity. This complexity arises from our unique blend of e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and in-store sales. There needs to be a market solution capable of handling this hybrid model, leading us to rely on customized workarounds to manage the process.

Considering this challenge, our company group initiated a comprehensive review of our handling procedures, focusing on streamlining E-commerce returns. During this evaluation, the immense value of integrating Reclaimit became evident, particularly in enhancing self-service options. Our overarching objective is to empower all customers to initiate online returns quickly. While the current norm favors in-store returns, we aim to revolutionize this by offering equally convenient online return processes.

Our existing return workflow involves substantial manual involvement from both customers and Salling Group. Extracting customer data and maintaining accurate tracking has proven to be quite demanding. Consequently, we embarked on a collaborative project with Reclaimit to revamp our E-commerce return management.

By implementing Reclaimit Return, we aim to automate our return procedures and consolidate all pertinent customer details, order specifics, and product information into a centralised database. This strategic move will notably simplify the workload for our dedicated return department, allowing them to expedite return processing. 

The outcome will undoubtedly translate into an enhanced post-sales customer experience, as quicker return processing equates to speedier refund issuance.

Expected ROI

The most remarkable benefit we anticipate from adopting Reclaimit Return is the substantial time savings it promises in return management. By harnessing automated workflows and precise data handling, we want to streamline our operations significantly. 

A noteworthy transformation will unfold within our Customer Service domain – they will no longer need to navigate multiple systems. Instead, they'll effortlessly operate within a unified ecosystem that seamlessly mirrors data through integrations with other systems. 

This strategic shift empowers us with enhanced control over all subsequent actions, enabling us to operate more harmoniously and cohesively.