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Faster return handling freed up time and made customers happier



About Ideal of Sweden

Ideal of Sweden offers a wide range of functional and well-designed products for our mobile lives – from phone cases and charging stations to stylish bags and smart accessories. Since its inception in 2013, the company has experienced rapid growth with significantly increased sales. Therefore, they were looking for a solution to streamline the entire returns and warranty claims process. The choice fell on Reclaimit – and now Ideal of Sweden is beginning to see the return on investment.




With a substantial increase in orders – and warehouses scattered worldwide – come challenges in delivering the best possible customer experience throughout the customer journey, both before and after a purchase. This place demands smooth return handling and a positive customer experience regarding all other after-sales issues. That was also the reason why Ideal of Sweden chose to implement Reclaimit's system.


- Using multiple warehouses worldwide, we had different procedures and customer journeys for each return. The process was entirely manual, with customers adding notes about the returned products, which our colleagues in the warehouse then had to decipher," says Adam Gudmundsson, Head of Commerce at Ideal of Sweden.


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He explains that the return process has now been simplified because most of it is automated, which means they can track returns and assist their customers more easily and quickly.


"All the functionality is fully integrated into Reclaimit's system; we helped with logic and API definitions, and then we were up and running quickly. Thanks to Reclaimit, the entire customer journey has improved, and it has positively impacted customer satisfaction."


Less manual work = more time for development 


Since starting to use Reclaimit's solutions, Ideal of Sweden has not only streamlined the return process and improved the customer experience but also accelerated and simplified internal processes.


- Our internal KPIs have improved. This applies to both the time it takes to process a return in the warehouse and the overall workload for our customer service. A significant portion of all returns is handled entirely automatically by the customer when a return expert approves the returned product, and the rest is completed automatically. This means less stress and significantly less manual work related to returns. Consequently, we can now focus more on development to make our processes smoother, says Louise Kvist, CEO assistant and Head of Customer Service at Ideal of Sweden.

Automated Return Work Is Faster By efficiently dividing different types of cases, such as approved and unapproved returns, the return work is mainly automated and flows much faster than before.


No more hassle with return shipping 


Louise Kvist also points out the possibility of adding a feature that allows customers to purchase return shipping as a significant bonus for Ideal of Sweden.


– It's an excellent service that also enables us to scan the package and match it directly to the correct return order without the need to pre-print labels. Reclaimit is indeed a one-stop solution for all recurring customer matters, from information and product recommendations to smooth return processes and handling return shipping.

– Louise Kvist, CEO assistant and Head of Customer Service, Ideal of Sweden.