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Enhanced efficiency and successful outcome in Customer Support

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R-mark Frank dandy

About Frank Dandy

Frank Dandy is one of Scandinavia’s leading underwear brands, founded in the early 2000s as a reaction to the often dull, monochromatic fashion in men’s underwear. Frank Dandy creates avant-garde-designed, high-quality underwear that suits all people and occasions. Frank Dandy aims to contribute to a collaborative and colourful world with its brand.


Before implementing Reclaimit, Frank Dandy had a model that required manual work in 3 steps. The warehouse scanned all returns into a web interface. Then, there was a manual recording of refund flows in Klarna. Returns and invoices were also manually recorded in the ERP system. Instead of internally hiring additional resources in customer service, they streamlined with system support. 


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With Reclaimit and digital return management, Frank Dandy has automated almost the entire return process. Now, they only need to handle undelivered shipments and foreign returns manually. Through Reclaimit, customers can also be offered paperless QR codes to save on paper and the environment.


The expectations for Reclaimit have been met, and Frank Dandy is delighted with the result. One year later, they are doing well with just one person in customer service. They have been able to automate almost the entire process, and manual intervention is no longer needed. Increased customer satisfaction and improved customer journey.

  • Reduced return cases: 8%
  • Saved time: 400 hours/year in manual processes
  • Reduced response times
  • Went from many complaints about returns to no complaints about returns
  • Maintained the same low return rate
  • Improved internal lead times

We had planned to staff customer service with at least one full-time position before Reclaimit and before the improvement work we carried out in 2023. Now, a year later, we are doing well with our current resource.