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85% efficiency improvement and increased customer satisfaction

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R-mark Cervera

About Cervera

Cervera is Sweden’s leading player in quality products for the kitchen, home, and table setting, with sales both online and in around 70 stores throughout Sweden. Cervera aims to make cooking and home gatherings simple and enjoyable through a modern and high-quality range that withstands a long and eventful life.


Cervera faced significant challenges as online sales increased by an impressive 500%. This growth increased workload and significant challenges for customer service to handle the rising returns. To maintain the customer experience and streamline the process, the decision was made to implement a digital return portal.


With Reclaimit’s digital return management solution, Cervera has been able to automate almost everything and no longer needs to spend time and resources generating shipping labels. Implementing an omnichannel solution enabled pickup and in-store returns, strengthening customer satisfaction by allowing Cervera to offer returns on the customer’s terms. 


  • 85% efficiency improvement and increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster case handling
  • Perceived as much more professional towards customers

Expectations for Reclaimit have been met, and Cervera is delighted with the result. They have been able to automate and streamline their post-purchase process and spend virtually no time on return shipping labels any more. Customer satisfaction has also increased significantly.

"We are delighted with Reclaimit and the results we have achieved, providing better customer experiences by improving the entire post-purchase process."  

Future initiatives

Cervera is looking forward to automating end-to-end claims management for its 250 suppliers as the next step. The work on customer segmentation and personalisation continues, in order to offer customers an even better buying journey. The implementation of preventive complaint management is also on the agenda, to minimise future complaints.

The customer journey never ends; it’s a wheel that keeps turning. No one buys solely because of the post-purchase process, but many choose not to buy from a company due to a poor post-purchase process.