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92% customer satisfaction for returns




About Fyndiq

Fyndiq has been a customer of Reclaimit since September 2020, and a lot has happened during this time. Christopher Rehn, Head of Customer Relations at Fyndiq, evaluates the success of Reclaimit.


In 2020, Fyndiq transitioned from a simple automation solution where our customers, depending on factors such as the cost of a product, were refunded without having to return the product. This flow could have been fairer to our retailers while providing an impersonal customer experience, albeit cheaply.


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With Reclaimit, we have been able to shift case handling to our platform’s sellers, providing our customers with product-specific solutions and our sellers with fair and flexible workflows to manage their returns as they wish. 


Reduced costs without affecting customer satisfaction

The transition to Reclaimit has allowed us at Fyndiq to decrease our customer service expenses while increasing both customer and seller satisfaction. This became possible because we could shift many interactions from our customer service personnel to the sellers on our platform. 

92% customer satisfaction for returns since moving to Reclaimit

One specific area that has seen increased customer satisfaction is quite significant. Before we moved to Reclaimit, our return processes resulted in a satisfied customer in approximately 75% of cases. Since we moved to Reclaimit, more than 9 out of 10 customers have left a positive review after completing a return. One reason for this is the ability to see the cost of return shipping in advance, the low price we can offer for that return shipping, and the ability to track the return on its way back to the seller.

By providing a reliable and user-friendly customer experience, we have noticed that customers are more inclined to make a second purchase on Fyndiq if their first purchase leads them to contact our customer service team. This statistic is evidence of the confidence we can provide our customers when something goes wrong with their purchase.