Follow your complaints live and in action.


Your customer registers their complaint online and receives real-time information via your website – without needing to call customer service or fill in a physical form. We guide them through a simple registration process and can also provide tips that make a complaint unnecessary.

Irrespective of whether you only sell online or have a number of bricks and mortar stores, your store staff are able to do refunds in the same easy way. The store automatically receives full controls of the customer’s complaints terms and conditions.


Automated Complaints process

  • Reclaimit is readily integrated via an API in your ERP system, your e-commerce platform or your storage system. We automatically collect your customers’ purchase data and they can easily see which product needs to be returned or exchanged.
  • The system keeps track of all terms and conditions linked to a customer purchase and stops a return if the return or guarantee period has expired or when a return is not possible due to other reasons.
  • When a return is registered, a consignment note is printed, and the till system is updated if a refund is to be paid.
  • Stockroom staff are then able to manage all registered returns, ship them, print consignment notes, communicate with third parties etc.
  • It is possible to automatically send customers status updates via SMS or email.
  • Item recipients are subsequently able to see in the system that a product is on its way in, approve or reject the return in the system and contact the store using the system.


Key benefits with our claim services:

  • You can easily search for several parameters and always have full control over each case.
  • You can follow your complaints and easily see which ones are being processed, ongoing or closed.
  • You get full control of your complaints.


We thought so! Ready to see it for yourself?

Here are some benefits you get with Reclaimit

The most loyal customers

We ensure that the returns process feels as straightforward as the purchasing experience. This increases the likelihood customers will come back to you. Again and again.

Complete control

With Reclaimit, you get complete control of returns and claims processes. Either directly via our back-office interface or integrate with your returns management system.

Cut cost and save time

As a merchant, when you automate your processing of returns and claims, you cut your costs by up to 80 percent.

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