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Join us in driving a more sustainable eCommerce future

Returns are inevitable, but we strive to minimise 'unnecessary returns'. That's why we partner with eComID to enhance your pre-purchase journey!
Values - circular commerce

Reclaimit x eComID 

eComID empowers global online retailers to reduce online product returns, shrink the environmental footprint, and guide shoppers to discover and buy products they'll truly love.

With eComID, brands can: 

  • Reduce returns
  • Increase profit
  • Gain more logged-in customers

Reclaimit handles post-purchase customer journeys, while eComID ensures a seamless pre-purchase experience. Together, we're driving a more sustainable eCommerce future! 

Integrating our all-in-one post-purchase solution with eComID gives you a holistic perspective on the entire buyer's journey to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise 'unnecessary returns' - good for your business, consumers and the environment. 


ICANIWILL is leading the way

Reclaimit empowers ICANIWILL to manage returns and exchanges and issue vouchers effortlessly, with real-time notifications throughout the process. Meanwhile, eComID helps shift customer behaviour towards conscious and responsible shopping, promoting a sustainable system for ICANIWILL and the environment. By combining these platforms, they can maximise sustainable growth and get all the data and processes they need to enable sustainable growth.

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Selected Reclaimit customers now have exclusive early access to eComID's returns reduction technology. (The waiting list is long!)

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