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Where does the
customer journey end?

The customer journey is not over just because you have been paid by the customer. Returns, exchanges, complaints, refunds, recourse, and service matters are things all retailers have to deal with. And unfortunately, it often takes a lot of time and resources. That is why we have created after-sales solutions that make life a little simpler – for both yourself and your customers.

Give your customers the best experience.
After the purchase.

Do you want to save time and money and be loved by your customers? Then you have to make after-sales service a part of your business idea.

Let us take care of the experience after the purchase – so that you can focus on the experience before the purchase!

Do you want to know more about why Reclaimit is the best system for all retailers that want to create an optimal after-sales experience? Contact us or book a demo right away!

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Happy customers

We turn bad buys
into great Experiences

Sometimes things don’t work out. A purchased product may be the wrong size or color or it may not meet the customer´s expectations. Maybe it was broken on delivery or breaks shortly afterward. Simply put, many things can happen after a buy.

No matter what happens after the customer presses the buy button, we help retailers provide the best possible after-sales experience – so that you can get loyal customers even when they are dissatisfied with something.

How it works
What we do

Our services


Regardless of whether you conduct sales in Sweden, the rest of the Nordics or worldwide, we take care of your returns from customers, suppliers and retailers.

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Your customer registers their complaint online and receives real-time information via your website – without needing to call customer service or fill in a physical form.

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Reclaimit helps you to keep full control of your claims and reduce unnecessary devaluations. Reclaimit’s matrixes automatically keep track of terms and conditions, shipments, service partners and everything else. for all your suppliers.

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If you have a complex retail solution with stores, suppliers, e-commerce and service facilities, we have a well-tried and comprehensive solution with a high degree of automation and complete traceability for all parties.

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Better together

No one can do everything, but everyone can work together. That is why we offer smooth integrations with most major players in e-commerce, business systems, CRM, logistics, service, and transport. Are you missing anything? Talk to us and we will help you tailor the right solution for your particular business needs!


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Why Reclaimit?

The most loyal customers

We ensure that the returns process feels as straightforward as the purchasing experience. This increases the likelihood of customers coming back to you. Again and again.

Full control

With Reclaimit, you get complete control over returns, exchanges, claims, service, and all other after-sales processes. Either directly via our back-office interface or integrated with your returns management system.

Cut cost and save time

Retailers can cut their costs by up to 80 percent by automating the processing of returns and claims


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