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Optimise customer retention and operational efficiency

Our seamless approach ensures hassle-free warranty claims and repairs, improving every process step.

An After-Sales Manager's best friend

Revolutionise your customer and retail experience with our intuitive self-service portal, simplifying registration and case management for your customer service teams. Our tailored solutions use rule-based automation for a personalised touch, offering real-time visibility into all cases and easy access to product handling information.

  • Data-driven reports and customisable tools
  • API/FTP integration for seamless data transfer
  • Automate shipping labels and QR codes
  • Eliminating duplicate registrations
  • Automated SMS/email updates on case progress. Simplified data transfer to ERP/BI tools  

Boost customer retention

Elevate customer satisfaction and retention with your website’s branded return and warranty portal on your webpage. Streamline self-service registration for returns, exchanges and claims, freeing your customers from the hassle of contacting support and saving valuable time for your customer support team.

  • Branded digital return and warranty portal
  • Easy self-service registration for customers
  • Flexible omnichannel returns 
  • Tracking and real-time updates to consumers 
  • Quick refunds and exchanges

Enjoy benefits such as

Cost-cutting automation

Eliminate 90% of the previous manual workload from customer support.

Profit-driven insights

Gain data-driven return insights on customer and product levels to make informed decisions to elevate your business.

Retain revenue

Re-convert up to 30% of returns into exchanges.

Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans

Provide an exceptional post-purchase experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Extend product lifespan

Use repairs, reselling, and efficient logistics to promote sustainability and a circular economy.

Enhanced efficiency and extended product lifespan

Automate manual tasks, streamline claims and use repairs and efficient reverse logistics to promote sustainability and a circular economy.

  • Automated claim handling between retailer, customer and workshops
  • 250+ connected authorised service workshops