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Safeguard revenue with returns optimization

At Reclaimit, we recognise the dynamic challenges C-level executives like yourself face, driven to lead profitable growth, enhance process efficiency and expand into new markets.

Elevate, optimise and expand

C-level - boost profits with seamless automation

Empower your teams

Empower your teams with streamlined processes and cutting-edge technologies, unlocking new levels of efficiency across your operations.
C-level - boost profits with seamless automation

Work circularly

Use repairs, reselling, and efficient logistics to promote sustainability and a circular economy.


Stay competetive

Get to know what your customers want by segmenting your returns data to tailor marketing campaigns, boost sales and retain customers.


Grow your business

Returns can hurt your profits and customer lifetime value. With returns data, you'll understand how returns impact your bottom line and how to improve to maximise growth. 

Easy to scale

Reclaimit offers a tailored and flexible solution that fits all your markets, channels, platforms, and carriers.

Experience benefits such as

Retain customers

Provide an exceptional post-purchase experience that keeps your customers coming back.

Cost-cutting automation

Eliminate 90% of the previous manual workload from customer support.

Profit-driven insights

Gain data-driven return insights on customer and product levels to make informed decisions to elevate your business.

85% efficiency improvement for Cervera

With Reclaimit, Cervera achieves an 85% efficiency boost and elevates customer satisfaction through expedited case handling, resulting in a perception of heightened professionalism by customers.

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Free ROI assessment

Sign up for a free ROI assessment to learn how to transform refunds into upsells and streamline returns workflows, entrusting the returns operations to us.


ROI snapshot:

  • Expected return management cost savings
  • Expected retained revenue