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Ensuring cost-effective flows

Optimise your logistics operations by gaining total control and overview of transportation and return flow.

Swift warehouse returns

Are you a Logistic Manager striving for cost-effective flows, high efficiency and customer satisfaction? Explore how our logistics solutions cater to your specific needs. 

  • Minimise lead times for faster goods return
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Boosting sales

Monitor the status of each product across the entire return lifecycle, from shipping and warehouse processing to restocking.


commercial invoice

Operational data to track and optimise

Gain insights into operational data to enhance efficiency and optimise your post-purchase processes. 

  • How much time is spent in different phases of the return process?
  • When does the customer return?
  • Does it take longer to send to the warehouse after registration?

Reclaimit provides the tools to track and optimise these crucial aspects of your logistics operations.


Enjoy benefits such as

Efficient reverse logistics

Our TA platform and vast carrier network provide customers with flexible omnichannel returns. 

WMS Integration

Take advantage of our growing Warehouse Management System (WMS) and freight integration network.

Real-time tracking

Gain real-time visibility through tracking features, tracing the package journey from submission to restocking.

Easy setup

Effortless integrations with your existing shipping setup enhance efficiency and provide optimisation insights.

Streamlined processes

Streamline logistics processes with pre-built integrations, eliminating the need for additional systems.

Sustainable printerless returns 

Enhance tracking efficiency and minimise paper waste with QR code-generated shipping labels.

  • With a 30% return rate, save 70% on shipping labels with QR codes.


sustainable printerless QR codes

Pre-filled commercial invoice

With automated freight booking, you also get pre-filled commercial invoices, benefitting logistic managers.

  • Streamlines and automates the handling of commercial invoices, saving time and reducing manual effort.
  • Offers seamless scalability, ensuring a smooth integration into your existing logistics processes.
  • Prevents double customs payments, providing a financial advantage by avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Loved by 3PLs

Retailers often turn to third-party logistics (3PL) to tap into specialised expertise, cut costs, concentrate on core operations, adapt to shifting demand, access a global network, and utilise advanced logistics technologies. Reclaimit seamlessly integrates with your 3PL solution, making it the preferred choice.

  • Streamlining complex processes for efficient 3PL operations.
  • Minimising lead times and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Optimising return processes to save on shipping costs.
  • Providing comprehensive visibility for total control over logistics.
  • Simplifying tracking with automated QR code generation.
Efficient reverse logistics