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Turn returns into revenue

Elevate revenue retention from day one by empowering customers to manage returns, exchanges, and receive vouchers effortlessly.


Turn unhappy customers into loyal fans

According to our Novus report 'State of Returns & Circular Shopping 2024', 3 out of 4 consumers abandon a retailer after dissatisfaction with their latest return. This means that just one mistake in the return process can result in losing a customer forever.

With hassle-free returns, exchanges, and claims, you can turn the post-purchase process into a revenue driver that boosts customer loyalty instead of being a cost centre.

Three of of four

Meet and exceed your goals


Retain customers

Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty with a branded return portal for your website. Streamline self-service registration for returns, exchanges and claims with status updates and quick refunds, freeing your customers from the hassle of contacting support.


Save time and money

Eliminate 90% of the previous manual workload from customer support with cost-cutting automation.


Increase re-conversions

Implement retention strategies by offering hassle-free exchanges or vouchers to retain revenue and enhance customer loyalty.

Reduce paper waste with QR codes

With an average 30% return rate for e-commerce businesses, you save 70% on shipping labels with QR codes.

sustainable printerless QR codes

Get every item sold before the deadline

Efficiently prioritise end-of-season products, ensuring timely delivery to customers, avoiding extended storage periods, and maximising sales opportunities.

92% customer satisfaction for returns 

  • Net promoter score (NPS): +32%
  • Customer satisfaction: +17%
  • Customer service costs: -15%
  • Re-conversions: +30%
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Designed for enhanced teamwork

  • For Managers & Executives
  • For CS teams
  • For Logistics & Operations
  • For Tech departments

For Managers & Executives

Values - customer centric

Transform dissatisfied customers into loyal returning customers with better post-purchase experiences.

With returns data on customer and product levels, you'll understand how returns impact your bottom line and how to improve to maximise business growth. By segmenting customers you can efficiently drive targeted marketing, sales growth, and retention strategies.

For CS teams


Reclaim valuable time from CS teams by cutting 90% of manual customer support tasks with cost-saving automation.

Streamline returns, cut costs, and amplify CS team impact with rule-based automation, minimising calls, emails, and manual workloads for enhanced focus on high-value tasks.

For Logistics & Operations


Optimise logistics and gain total control with real-time insights for precise order forecasts and efficient inventory. 

Track product status throughout the return cycle, from shipping and warehouse processing to restocking. Minimise lead times for faster returns and improved operational efficiency, ultimately boosting sales.

For Tech departments


Empower Tech with streamlined workflows, robust data security, quick onboarding, pre-built integrations and more for precise control. Make life easier. 

Values - customer centric