What’s Service?


If you have a complex retail solution with stores, suppliers, e-commerce and service facilities, we can build a comprehensive system solution with a high degree of automation and complete traceability for all parties.



Reclaimit have some 20 years’ experience of retail customer service and of creating great experiences that ensure that your customers keep coming back to buy more.


We see service as a key aspect in the customer experience. Today, we are integrated with 170 workshops in the Nordic region, which can manage everything from mobile phones with fluff-filled ports, clock cleaning, clothes that need to be de-fuzzed and zips that need to be replaced. We send service cases to the workshops with full traceability for all parties.

Easy service management for your e-commerce


  • Each service case is registered in our back office or directly in your business system. We provide predefined fields based on needs and parameters in a matrix module, which we set up together at startup.
  • The Matrix module keeps track of how all cases should be handled based on make, model, type, date of purchase, warranty terms and other vital data.
  • It also retrieves information about which customer, which purchase and which product the complaint relates to, directly from your business system.
  • As soon as the service case gets a new status, it’i updated in real time in both the service workshops as well as in your stores.
  • Your consumers can search for their service cases, receive messages via SMS or e-mail, answer cost proposals and communicate directly with the store or service workshop.
  • In the built-in price management function, the store can register and edit costs for materials, freight and labor to be charged to the consumer.



Do you like what you’ve read?

The opportunities are endless in Reclaimit Service and our services are just one of the features you can get your hands on. Reclaimit holds the opportunity for you to overview, control and act on all your tickets. Interested in seeing the Service platform in Reclaimit?


Here are some benefits you get with Reclaimit

The most loyal customers

We ensure that the returns process feels as straightforward as the purchasing experience. This increases the likelihood customers will come back to you. Again and again.

Get complete control

With Reclaimit, you get complete control of returns and claims processes. Either directly via our back-office interface or integrate with your returns management system.

Cut cost and save time

As a merchant, when you automate your processing of returns and claims, you cut your costs by up to 80 percent.

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